NBFC Startup Program by Ozg Finance

We offer you an extensive program to start and run following types of NBFCs along with tech & legal compliance in accordance to RBI guidelines. 

Types of NBFCs & URL for detailed info –


Company with its principal business of loans and advances, asset finance, providing the finance for any activity other than its acquisition of own securities; Also not in any other category of NBFC is called Investment and Credit Company. It is merged version of previous form like Loan Company, Investment Company and Assets Finance Company, enabling a particular entity with all three activities in one Brand, called ICC. The Net Owned Fund (NOF) of 2 Crore is required to start with this type of NBFC.


2) Micro Finance Company (NBFC - MFI): – URL: microfinance.nbfc.ozg.in

Micro Finance Institution (NBFC-MFI) are the non-deposit taking financial company with minimum NOF of 5 Crore and above (for North Eastern Region of India, it will be 2 Crores). It has criteria of Qualifying Assets not to be less than 85% of its total assets, to remain MFI. Qualifying assets are loan disbursed to borrowers with rural household income not exceeding 125K or urban and Semi-Urban household income not exceeding 200K. Loans can be extended without collateral in this type of NBFC.

3) INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE (NBFC-IFC): – URL: infrastructure.nbfc.ozg.in

The Infrastructure Finance Company is specific NBFC Category, principally engaged in providing infrastructure loans. Such companies do business of credit facility (term loans, project loans, etc.) to its client. It required minimum of 75% of its total assets of the company should be invested in the infrastructure loans. It required NOF of 300 Crore.


4) INFRASTRUCTURE DEBT FUND (IDF)-NBFC: – URL: debtfund.nbfc.ozg.in

IDF facilitates the flow of long term debt into infrastructure projects. It can raise resources through the issue of Rupee or Dollar denominated bonds of minimum 5 years maturity. It can be started with NOF of 300 Crore.


5) MORTGAGE GUARANTEE -NBFC: – URL: mortgage.nbfc.ozg.in

MGC company' has a principle objective of providing mortgage guarantee. Such companies shall comply with at least 90% of the business turnover form mortgage guarantee business or at least 90% of the gross income is from mortgage guarantee business. It can be started with NOF of 100 Crore.


6) NBFC – FACTORS (NBFC-FACTORS): – URL: factor.nbfc.ozg.in

NBFC-Factors is financial institution with minimum net worth of the Company is 5 Crores, having the principal business of acquisition of receivables on discount or financing against such receivables by way of loans or advances or by the creation of security interest over such receivables but excludes normal lending by a bank.


7) Core Investment Company (NBFC - CIC): – URL: trading.nbfc.ozg.in

CIC NBFC are engaged in the business of acquisition of securities and shares which holds 90% of its total assets in the form of investment in shares and equity. The minimum requirement of asset size is 100 Crore.


Note: There are three more categories of NBFCs.

  1. NBFC - Account Aggregator – URL: aggregator.nbfc.ozg.in
  2. NBFC - Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending Platforms – URL: p2p.nbfc.ozg.in
  3. Housing Finance Companies (HFC) – URL: housingfinance.ozg.in


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